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Internship Program in Thailand

IPC opens opportunities for those of you who want to experience an internship in Thailand. IPC will provide adequate facilities to support your needs to start an internship in Thailand. We collaborate with various supporting parties, and with professional teachers who are ready to guide you during your training.

Registration Requirement
  • Last education SMA/SMK (D1, D2, D3 and S1 are preferred)
  • Age requirements 18-26 years old
  • Min height 160 cm (men) and 150 cm (women)
  • Proportional Weight
  • Physically & Spiritually Healthy
  • Have a Good Attitude & Mental
  • Get Permission from Parents/Family
  • Never been to a Thailand Internship Program before
  • Preferably have experience according to the intended internship sector 
Selection Stage
  • Registration
  • Administration Selection
  • Basic Math Test
  • Physical Endurance Test
  • Language Test
  • Interview test
  • Medical Check Up
  • Determination of Complaint
  • English Language Test
Internship Program
  • Hotel & Restaurant
  • Resort
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