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To Become The Best Asia’s Manpower Company
Vision & Mission

vision & mission | ipc manpower

Vission Company

To Become The Best Asia’s Manpower Company 2030

Mission Company

  • Obtaining full trust and client satisfaction, Deploying skillful manpower also improves Indonesian workers’ welfare.

Indonesia having a good potential workers, and more than 470 million people still job less, it is because the world economic become decreasing (ILO, 2019). 267 million young generation in all around the world without job, education and training (ILO, 2019). Young generation in Indonesia who have age between 16-30 years old dominated citizen for productive age (65,4 million people or 33%), 57% are having potential status to be workers.

PT. International Professional Center (IPC) has assisted many clients to meet their manpower demands. We have a database of trained and skillfully Indonesian manpower as potential candidates to fulfill your manpower needs. We and always ensure that the candidates are not only in assigned work but also suitable for the company culture. You might securely deliver your manpower needs to us and we will be able to fund suitable candidates for your needs.

Vision & Mission
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